Tunde Ke Kabab (ٹنڈے کے کباب ‎), also known as Buffalo meat galouti kebab, is a dish made out of minced meat which is popular in Lucknow, India. It is part of Awadhi cuisine. It is said to incorporate 160 spices.

The legacy of Tunday Kababi has ruled the hearts of millions right from the common man up to the must magnetic personalities and celebrities for more than a century. With an extraordinary assortment of over hundred spices and herbs, the delicacies have made it's a mark worldwide and the impact is phenomenal with Tunday Kababi being the pilgrimage, for food critics all over the world. Such is the euphoria that a visit to the Awadhi province remains incomplete without a visit to over 109 year old outlet.

Since our inception, we have always believed in improvement. It's our consistent improvement that has kept us serving you. So come and share the delicacies and be a part of endearing experiences because we believe in serving God by serving man.

Mohd. Usman

Mohammad Usman is the chairman of Tunday Kababi. His great grandfather was the cook at the Nawab's & mastered the dish called 'Kabab' that do not require chewing and virtually melts in mouth. His son Haji Murad Ali [ 1877 – 1967 ] ( grand father of Mohammad Usman ) was one-armed also known as 'Tunda' and so he became popular as 'Tunday Kababi'.

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