Went to visit the Aminabad branch. Easy to locate due to its popularity. Has limited items to serve. Go early for a meal since the place is always packed. Stick to the kebabs especially the beef kebabs . Also tried the mutton korma and biryani. Nothing out of this world

star Jan 8, 2018

Rahul Dake

Very good quality of food

star Sep 5, 2019

Md. Ravish

Tunday is Karim's of Lucknow, tunday kabab is popular dish.. they serve beef too.. after renovation they have good space…kabab is best here…biryani and other dishes are just ok.

star Mar 17, 2017

Ashish Negi

Though i did not have kebab as i dont like chicken and mutton, my parents and siblings enjoyed it very much as it is not available in mumbai and if you visit lucknow and you dont try tunday kebabs then its a waste visit to lucknow.

star Mar 16, 2016


Everytime I pass by Chowk and Aminabad... I am have to visit Tunday no matter how long the queue maybe. The Kabab and Paratha both have no other match. The melting of the Kabab in mouth and the softness of the Paratha makes you fall in love with it. Though the hygiene is an issue but, to experience one of the best Dishes in the world (undoubtedly) you will have to forego the hygiene and the crowd. Experience Tunday if you are in my City, for sure you wont find the great taste anywhere else in whole world.

star Mar 15, 2017

Social Nomad

We visited the Ahminabad location on Naaz Cinema Road first, there's a takeaway option and also a restaurant at the back. There is a separate room for women and families, which we were led into.Service was good and friendly and they didn't mind us taking lots of photos.Mutton and beef kebabs were good and as advertised, melt in the mouth and wonderfully spicy. Sherwaal and Mughlai Paratha were superb.The original Tundays (in Chowk) only serves beef kebabs – (no mutton), same great taste and wonderful paratha in a slightly more grungy, century old environment.

star Mar 14, 2017


The moment I landed in Lucknow I was desperate to hit this place. Had to wait for a good 15 minutes to get a table. The place was over crowded, not much hygienic and noisy. When the food came in nothing else mattered.The Galoutis were the best I ever had. The blend of meat with the spices were just right and had been on the tawa for the right amount of time making the kebabs soft and melting in the mouth The korma pulav (read Biryani) was on the greasier side. I had overstuffed myself and have no remorse for the same and wouldnt mind doing it again and again. Surely not a place to be misssed when in Lucknow !!!

star Mar 13, 2017

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